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The Basics of Fragile Packing: A blog on how to best pack fragile items.

You’ve read a lot of information on shipping, but none seems to cover fragile items. This blog will give you the basics on packing fragile items. From choosing the appropriate box to adding the right packing materials. When I’m shipping fragile items, I can’t afford for them to be damaged in any way. Without that one piece, my business would


What is considered Fragile Items?

Fragile items are the most difficult to pack. They can be broken or damaged easily and they require special attention when packing. These items include:

Glassware, mirrors and other delicate surfaces

Fragile figurines, sculptures, art pieces and other collectibles

Musical instruments (such as guitars)

Electronics (such as laptops)


Packing of Fragile items

Fragile items are often more delicate and expensive than other objects. If you have a collection of valuable paintings, porcelain figurines or other fragile items, it is important to pack them properly so they do not get damaged during transit.

To ensure that your valuables are safe and secure, follow these basic tips when packing fragile items:

– Use appropriate padding. You should use plenty of bubble wrap or foam sheets to protect items from impact.

– Ensure there is adequate cushioning at all points of contact between the object and its container. This includes between the object and any surrounding materials (e.g., paper) as well as between the object and its container (e.g., cardboard).

– Use boxes with tightly fitting lids to prevent water from entering your package during transit.

– Make sure that all seams are taped securely before closing the box so that no moisture can enter through any openings in its surface.



Ultimately the best way to protect your fragile items against damage during a courier delivery is to ensure you are well-prepared before you call a courier. Be sure that you have all of the relevant information regarding your delivery, as well as carefully consider which courier option best suits your requirements. Remember also that if your items are incredibly delicate, you might want to enlist the help of a specialist courier to oversee the delivery process.