7 Temasek Boulevard, #12-07 Suntec Tower 1 Singapore 038987

How to get a refund?
Please email to accounts@islandxpress647.com for a refund
Do you deliver overseas?
No we do not deliver overseas or any other countries. We only do local delivery within Singapore
Why is my order cancelled?
You order is cancelled as it has not been matched to a driver. Try adding tips to enhance the chances of the order being matched
How to improve chances that an order is accepted by a driver?
Try adding tips or rebook with a new time slot so drivers will be able to complete within the time frame given
How do i calculate the price of an order?
You may go to https://www.ixpress647.com/courier-price-list-rates/ to find the rates. To find the exact price of your order please sign up for a free account at https://dashboard.ixpress647.com/ and create an order. The final price will be shown automatically.
Payment methods
Cash, visa, mastercard, bank transfer. For topping up your account please visit https://dashboard.ixpress647.com/credits .bank transfer have zero transaction fees
Receipts for customers
You can download receipts after an order is completed. You may also find and download monthly statements for your book keeping at https://dashboard.ixpress647.com/user/history
Stuck at order page
If you are unable to proceed to the next page. Please click back and ensure all fields are filled up and try again. Please also ensure that address is chosen from the dropdown given
What items can you deliver?
We deliver all types of items except for dangerous and prohibited items
How do i cancel an order as a customer?
You can cancel an order by contacting the delivery partner directly. He may cancel the order from his mobile app. Take note that if the driver is on the way you may be penalised with a $5 compensation fee.
Are you similar to lalamove?
Yes we are similar to lalamove, gogox, uparcel, grab express. However we have more flexible options such as longer delivery period so you can have more options to find services that suits your budget.
Can i sign up as a sub contractor?
Yes you may express your interest to join as a sub contractor by emailing to sales@islandxpress647.com
Can ixpress deliver pallets? Do they have jacks?
No ixpress does not deliver pallets or goods on pallets. We do not provide jacks
How do i know when a driver will be picking up my items?
You may check the tracking link from your user dashboard to view the location of the driver or call the driver directly to get accurate time of arrival
I just joined as a driver but did not receive login details
If you have just joined as a driver, please wait 1-2 working days for your account to be activated. You will be notified via email and whatsapp
Can i have proof of delivery?
For proof of delivery with photo proof, we will be sending it via email. Please check your email, if you do not receive it please check your spam folder
Is there any airway bill?
No there is no airway bill, everything is digitalized. Once you create an order just pass the item to the delivery partner when he arrives. Ensure that item is properly packaged
How to get back my deposit as a driver?
To get back your deposit please login to https://drivers.ixpress647.com/ and request for a payout
I have created an order but driver has yet to turn up.
If you have created an order and driver has yet to pick up or deliver the order on time please contact the driver directly. There may be delays caused by bad weather or traffic. Contact driver to get the approximate timing of arrival.
I have paid my invoice but unable to create an order.
If you have paid your invoice but it is still showing unpaid, please contact accounts@islandxpress647.com with the screenshot of your payment so we can update your invoice accordingly
I have to collect things/items
If you need to collect your things or items you can create a booking at https://dashboard.ixpress647.com/
How to contact us via whatsapp?
You can contact us via whatsapp via this link https://wa.me/6582189450
Can a walker / pmb / bicycle / cyclist join?
Yes a walker / pmb / bicycle / cyclist may join as well. You may also use public transport. CBD are best areas for those looking for short distance deliveries
How do i get my invoice?
To download your invoice, please wait until the order is completed. Login on your desktop or go to desktop view on your mobile and you will see a print receipt button.
Do you provide sub accounts for users?
We currently do not provide sub accounts. Everyone can login using the same login and password to login as they may login simultaneously to create a booking
How do i unsubscribe or cancel / terminate my account as a driver?
To unsubscribe / cancel / terminate my account please go to this link https://www.ixpress647.com/unsubscribe/
Can you pick up a parcel and send to me?
Yes you can go to https://dashboard.ixpress647.com/login and create an account to create an order to get your parcel picked up and delivered to you
Would like to cancel this order
Please contact the driver directly to cancel your order. If driver is on the way you may be liable for a $5 compensation fee to the driver
I am unable to contact the driver / agent.
If you are unable to contact the driver / agent he may be on the road and unable to respond. Please try again in a few minutes. If you are still unable to contact please let us know so we can reach out to him
How do i change my order detail?
You cannot change your order details once it is submitted. If you have any changes please contact and inform the driver directly
For cash payments you may make payment at pick up point / sender. If you wish to pay at delivery point / recipient please add instructions when creating the order
Do i need to pay to register as a driver or delivery partner / agent?
You do not need to pay to register, however your account will be limited to only credit and billing orders. To remove the limitation please ensure you have a minimum of $5 in your account. This can be done by topping up at https://drivers.ixpress647.com/add-credits or completing a credit or billing order
Can i deliver within a specific timing?
Yes you can deliver within specific timings. Please create an urgent order and choose the appropriate timing that suit your needs
The driver / agent cannot deliver within the requested timing what do i do?
If the driver is unable to deliver within the requested timing please ask the driver to cancel the order so that the order will be assigned to an agent that is able to meet your requirements
Can you update my vehicle details?
To update your vehicle details please email to accounts@islandxpress647.com
Do you provide corporate accounts?
Yes we do provide corporate accounts. Please login to https://dashboard.ixpress647.com/ to create a corporate account
Are the charges inclusive of free trade zones?
Yes the charges includes free trade zones.
The delivery guy / agent is late
If the delivery guy / agent is late please contact the driver directly to find out the approximate arrival timing
Does ixpress provide company vehicle?
No we do not provide company vehicle. You will be required to use your own vehicle. We accept walkers / pmd as well
I need to cancel an order as it is double booked.
Please contact the driver directly and inform them to cancel the order. They may cancel from their app.
Why was my payout cancelled?
If you are under subscription account, your payout may be cancelled due to unpaid subscription. Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your account for us to deduct the subscription fees.