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Best way to deliver a document in Singapore

Best way to deliver a document in Singapore


When you need to send a document in Singapore, there are many different options available.

The best way depends on your requirements and the services available in your area.

The most convenient way is to use a courier service, which will deliver your parcel or package as soon as possible.

If you have time constraints or specific requirements for delivery, however, you may prefer to use one of the other options available.

We’ve put together some guidelines on how to choose the best courier service for delivering documents here:

If a document needs to be signed, you should use mail.

If a document needs to be signed, you should use mail. Mail is the best way to deliver any document and will ensure that your recipient receives it in time.

The only exception will be if the document is urgent and requires express delivery services such as Ixpress647 Logistics, for example: if there’s an important deadline involved.

In this case, express mail services may not be available on weekends or holidays, so you’ll need to wait until Monday before sending off your package again.

If it’s just regular postal services with no urgency attached, then go ahead and send via post office instead since they’re cheaper than using express delivery services anyway.

Need it delivered now? Use express delivery services.

If you need your document delivered immediately, express delivery services are the way to go.

These companies will be able to get your package out in two business days or less, which can be helpful if you have a tight deadline.

To choose an appropriate service for this type of delivery, start by checking out their website and reading about what they offer. The company name will usually appear on the site.

Then think about how long it would take for them to deliver the package if they weren’t using express delivery services.

The shorter the time frame between when you give them orders and when they arrive at your doorstep in Singapore. This means cheaper per kilogram than if it takes longer than expected because there were delays along the way due to weather conditions affecting transportation routes.

Deliveries that can wait two days should be sent by regular postal services.

If you need to ship documents that can wait two days, you should use regular postal services.

In general, these delivery methods are slower than express delivery services and cost more than that option.

The last thing you want to do is send your items via express delivery if they can wait two days since this will only cost you more.

The same goes for urgent shipments that need to be delivered in 24 hours or less. However, they are safer and more reliable than express shipments because they pass through all postal checkpoints before reaching their destination.

Use an appropriate service for delivering different types of documents

In Singapore, you’ll want to use an appropriate service for delivering different types of documents.

If a document needs to be signed by the recipient and sent by regular postal services such as registered mail, then it’s best not to use couriers because they’re not guaranteed delivery on time.

However, if you’re sending something urgent such as an urgently-needed form or letter, consider using courier services like Ixpress647 Logistics.

For example: If you’re sending a photocopied document like a letter, consider using a business envelope with registered mail rather than placing this fragile piece into regular envelopes that may get damaged during shipping.

Special Courier Services

Special courier services are used to deliver time-sensitive documents. If you want your document delivered on a specific date, then it’s probably best to use special courier services.

Special courier services have a much higher priority than regular postal services because they need to get their job done quickly and efficiently to fulfill their mission successfully.

In other words, if you’re sending out an important document from Singapore, there will be no time wasted waiting around while the post office sorts through its vast array of documents before delivering yours.

Singapore Post

Singapore Post is the national postal service of Singapore, providing mail services to the general public, businesses, and government agencies.

Singapore Post provides a range of mailing services, from simple delivery of letters to full postal auction facilities.

The company also has a courier division that offers door-to-door services for domestic and international deliveries.

Car Delivery

Car delivery is a good option for small parcels and documents that need to be signed.

It’s also ideal for delivering documents urgently, such as when you have a deadline but don’t have time to wait for your mail service.

However, if the document is too large to fit into an envelope, car delivery may not be convenient enough because it can take longer than usual due to traffic congestion in Singapore.

Self-Delivery via Bus or Train

If you want to deliver a document in Singapore, the easiest way is via bus or train. You can either send it by post if you’re sending a small item or deliver it in person if your package weighs more than 2kg.

If you choose this option, remember that most major cities have courier services that will collect and deliver documents for free and often very quickly.

Courier services

Courier services are more expensive than regular postal services, but they’re also more reliable.

There’s no risk of your document being lost or damaged in the mail, and if you need to send something urgent, courier services can deliver it immediately.

With Ixpress647 Logistics, you can send documents anywhere in Singapore within one hour of placing your order.

That means that even if there’s an emergency and you need to deliver a document immediately after placing an order with us, which we highly recommend, our couriers will still be able to get it there as quickly as possible.


There are many courier services in Singapore that provide delivery services to businesses, institutions, and individuals. These services are very reliable and can help you get your documents delivered quickly.

The courier services in Singapore are very competitive and offer some of the best rates in the industry.

If you need a document delivered in a hurry, it’s important to research your options and choose the right courier service for your needs.

There are many courier services to choose from, but the one you should use is Ixpress647 Logistics.

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