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Delivery partner Gold Account

Gold account delivery partner singapore

Dear iXpress647 Delivery Partners,

We have started a new initiative to reward and recognize our dedicated delivery partners. We will be giving priority to orders for delivery partner accounts with consistently high on-time and acceptance rates. The minimum required to qualify for the “Gold Account” is to complete a minimum of 25 deliveries each week.  Each week on Monday, your account status will be refreshed, to maintain your “Gold Account” status, complete 25 orders each week to be able to enjoy the perks the following week. Once invited you will be prioritised to receive multiple trip orders with bigger payouts!

Gold accounts will be entitled to these perks:

  • Priority of order – Receive orders first before others. You will have 20-50% more order notifications and orders with higher payouts.
  • Projects – Receive multiple delivery assignments with up to $500 per project payout

We appreciate your hard work, and this is our way of showing our support for your continued excellence. Thank you for being a crucial part of the iXpress647 team.

Keep up the outstanding work, and watch out for the increased order opportunities coming your way!

Warm regards,
iXpress647 Management