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Delivery Partner SOP & FAQ

  • When will my account be activated?

    Your account will usually take 1-2 working days to be activated. Sometimes it may take longer due to peak periods. We will update you via email and whatsapp once its activated.


  • What do i do after i accept an order?

    After accepting an order, please call the customer immediately to confirm the booking and timing. Please ask about the items to make sure that you are capable of delivering it. If you are driving a vehicle, ensure that you have enough space. If you are unable to deliver, cancel the order immediately so that it can be reassigned to other suitable delivery partners.


  • How to speak on the phone after accepting an order?

    Always be courteous with a cheerful tone when speaking on the phone. You may use this phrase when you are connected on the phone with them “Hi, Good afternoon, my name is Paul from Ixpress. I have accepted your order and will be reaching your place at 2.00pm. Do let me know if there is anything i should take note of. Thank you!”. If you are unsure about the items, please ask about it as well to avoid a wasted trip.


  • I accepted an order. When should i pick it up?

    After accepting an order please check the pick up time. Always pick up half the time of the total time to deliver. For example, if pick up is available at 4pm and deliver by 10pm. Please pick up by 7pm and deliver by 10pm.


  • Can i cancel an order?

    You may cancel an order within 5 minutes of acceptance. To cancel an order just slide left and input the reason of cancellation. If you cancel an order after the 5 minutes grace period, you may be penalized and/or fined $5 per order. Please take note to cancel within the grace period as late cancellation of an order may cause confusion and inconvenience to the sender.


  • What happens if i deliver an order late?

    If you delivered an item late. It must come with a valid proof and reason. Whenever possible please provide a picture proof so that we will be able to explain to the customer. However, if items were delivered late without any reason or due to your own negligence, a suspension or a $5 fine penalty may be imposed.


  • Is there a dress code?

    You should always wear covered shoes and long pants as some locations may require you to do so to enter due to safety precautions. You may wear an appropriate T-Shirt preferably a plain one.


  • How do i check orders that i have accepted?

    Click on the calendar and you will see dates with blue dots. Those dots mean that you have pending orders on that day. Click it and you will be able to view orders that are assigned to you.


  • I encountered a problem with an order / customer. What should i do?

    If you encounter any problem, please contact our admin immediately using hippo chat on the app. Please keep calm and we will try to advise you on the next steps to solve the issue as soon as possible.


  • I have accepted an order and will be heading to the pick up location now. Is there anything i should do before heading there?

    Whenever you are heading to the pick-up location, always slide to start the order on the app. By doing so, it will automatically inform the sender/recipient so they can be prepared for your arrival.


  • Always have your location services on

    During pick up and delivery, always have location services on at all times so that the sender/recipient will be able to track your location. Failing to do so may cause confusion and order cancellation.

  • I have completed credit and billing orders. How do i receive payout?

    To receive payout and view and detailed information regarding your account. Please login at this link https://drivers.ixpress647.com/ 

  • I have reached the pick up location but the customer cancels it at the last minute, what do i do?

    If a customer cancels an order at the last minute after you have arrived at the pick up location. You will be entitled to a $5 compensation fee. You may collect it directly from the customer. We do not charge commissions for compensations. However, do take note that this compensation only applies after you have contacted the customer before you proceed to pick-up location and that they are aware and agree that you will be heading to their location prior to you reaching the destination.

  • I have reached delivery location but the location is closed or invalid. What do i do?

    If you encounter such an issue. First try to contact recipient by call and whatsapp. If that fails, try to contact the sender to confirm if they have entered the correct address and if they can provide you with further instructions. If you require to redeliver, at a different time and date. 50% of the delivery fee will be imposed to the customer. Please contact CSO for help if you require further assistance.

  • I am not receiving orders

    For delivery partners that have just signed in, please log in during office hours to receive orders. It may take some time for the orders to reach a new account. Be online for at least 2 hours, enable “Allow location at all times and Notifications” and “Remove battery saving” and if you are still not receiving orders do let us know. If you have pending orders you may also not be able to receive new orders, complete all orders on hand to receive more orders. If you have been a driver with us and suddenly stopped receiving orders, your account may be suspended. Contact CSO for assistance.


    Delivery partners who complete 25 or more orders a week with no late deliveries will be upgraded to a “Gold Account” automatically the following week. This status will be refreshed each week. To continue enjoying “Gold Status” perks. Maintain a fulfillment rate of 25 orders each week as your account status will be refreshed every Monday.

    Gold accounts will be entitled to these perks:

  • Priority of order – Receive orders first before others. You will have 20-50% more order notification and orders with higher payouts.
  • Projects – Receive multiple delivery assignments with up to $500 per project payout