7 Temasek Boulevard, #12-07 Suntec Tower 1 Singapore 038987

Ixpress Has A New Look

Whats changed and what hasn’t? We’ve updated our logo, menu, wordmark, typeface and colors. Our name started as Ixpress647; 647 meaning 647 square kilometers representing the area of space that we cover for delivery at the time the business was born. We have since removed that number as it is no longer relevant because of the area in Singapore is constantly getting larger due to land reclamation over the years. Aside from the new designs and cosmetic changes, as many of you may know by now that a new user dashboard is now available for use to create orders, save locations and more. We are constantly upgrading it and a new mobile app is just a few months away 🙂 
Why the new logo? The original box logo was designed many years ago by my lovely girlfriend who just recently became my wife. Many years passed and so does Ixpress model and workflow to cope with the new era of disruptive technologies. We have re-designed the logo to represent Ixpress moving forward from a traditional courier company into the ever growing tech industry.