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Multi Stop Delivery

20% bulk courier order discount singapore
**Exciting News from iXpress647 – Introducing Multi-Delivery Savings!**

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest enhancement at iXpress647 – the Multi-Delivery Option. This feature is designed with your efficiency and cost savings in mind.

**Unlock up to 20% Discount!**
When you embrace our Multi-Delivery Option, you’ll unlock remarkable discounts on your delivery costs. It’s a fantastic opportunity to optimize your deliveries while enjoying substantial savings.

Here’s the breakdown of our discount tiers:

– **10% Discount:** Ideal for those with 2-5 drop-off points.
– **15% Discount:** Take advantage of this generous discount when you have 6-10 drop-off points.
– **20% Discount:** Achieve maximum savings with 11 or more drop-off points.

With these discounts, we’re not just streamlining your deliveries; we’re making it more economical for you. Get started with Multi-Delivery and see the difference in your cost savings today!