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Smart Bidding Courier

Smart Bidding

smart bidding courier ixpress647 from $5

What is smart bidding?
Smart Bidding allows you to create any order at $5, the price will gradually increase to the original price of the order automatically all in the span of 25 minutes. You save money if a delivery partner accepts your order at lower than the quoted price.

Have you ever wondered if your delivery order could have been accepted and completed by a delivery agent for less than what you are paying now? “Smart Bidding” allows you to start any order from only $5, this price will slowly increase until a driver accepts your order or until it reaches the original price of the order (whichever comes first). Ensuring maximum savings everytime. Instead of dictating a fee according to distance, weight, etc, we allow our delivery partners to decide if the price is worth the trip.

I still don’t understand…
For example, you are trying to book a courier and receive a fixed quote of $14 after filling up the details. This is the amount you have to pay and there are no if and buts to it. However, with smart bidding, instead of paying $14, you start your bid at only $5. Slowly this price will increase periodically until a driver accepts your order. And if a driver takes your order at $10, voila! you just saved yourself $4. The price will never go beyond $14 as it is capped at the original price.

Sounds Awesome! How do i start?

Step 1) Create an order normally from the dashboard

Ixpress647 Create Order

Step 2) At the review page, simply click on the checkbox “smart bidding”

Smart Bidding Option Choice Ixpress647

Step 3) Your order will start at $5 and the price will increase until a driver accepts the order. For this example, an express order was accepted at $10.16 from the original price of $16.80. A massive savings of $4.74 from a single order!

Smart Bidding Savings Ixpress647


There are instances where an urgent long-distance delivery order originally priced at $30 is accepted and completed at only $5. With smart bidding, you can potentially save up to 80% off your delivery fees. Order with Ixpress and start saving today!