Download and configure your app

Watch video or read below to learn how to configure your app

Congratulations for signing up as a partner

-What you need to do now is to download this app by following the following link on your mobile phone

-Once you are done downloading the app please wait for a confirmation SMS with your Login ID and Password. It will take 1-2 working days after signing up.

-After logging in, first you need to configure your app so customers will be able to contact and address you easily and to set notifications and settings properly. Please see steps below.

How to configure your app

On the top left hand corner you will see the menu button. Click on that to go to proceed with configuring your app.

Now at the menu you have a few options to configure your app.

-Set yourself as “On Duty” when you want to be online to receive orders.

-Top right corner you will find the PROFILE button. Click on that to change your details such as profile picture, username, phone number, email address and password.

-Below you will find the button “Earning” to find out the total amount you have earned for each week.

-Tutorial will teach you the basics of the app

You can ignore notification and support button as this is for admin purposes. If you need support go to “Fugu chat” within the app to chat with our customer service officer. We will reply you as soon as possible.

Ok here is the important part where you configure your app.

-Click on vehicle where you can change the vehicle type and update your vehicle details

Ringtone will let you choose the type of ringtone you would like to hear when there’s a notification of orders

“Repeat” means the notification will repeat until you acknowledge the order. Recommended to toggle this to “Off” position so it does not drain your battery. When you set this to off the notification will sound and pop up only once per order otherwise the notification will keep sounding until you acknowledge the order.

-“Language” will allow you to change the language of the App

-Leave Navigation as Google Map

-Under Map Style you can choose either light or dark map according to your preference.

-At “Show Traffic” you can choose whether the map will show the traffic of your journey.

-“Power saving mode” will save your battery by not sending and receiving data too frequently. This means that you will receive notification slightly slower but will save your battery which is useful while you are out on the road without any charging port.

Important points to take note

-Set your self as “On duty” when you want to receive orders.

-Off repeat button if you do not want constant notification

If you are unable to see orders it may be because of connectivity issues. Log out and log in again. Or kill app and on it again. 

-Location must be set to On for you to receive orders

If you do not receive orders please take these steps.
1. Network issue. Restart phone or use flight mode and remove it to restart connection.
2. GPS accuracy issue. If the GPS location accuracy level is below 25% then the app does not send the location to the system. Restart GPS if that is not working restart phone.
3. Battery optimization settings on the phone or phone in low power mode. Change the settings on the phone and do not use power saving or low power mode.
4. If the phone’s battery is below 15% then phone’s OS restrict the background location services. Charge your phone such that there is enough battery left as some phone automatically restrict some features of the phone to save battery.
5. Your location is far off. Peak locations are around town areas and slightly to the north and east.

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